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Check out what we have to offer for your upcoming event!


Book us, so we can Turn It Up!

Beauty Mirror Photo Booths

  • Touch Screen, Animated, Talks

  • Best quality photos on market

  • Gif, Boomerang, Games & More


TIU 360 Booth

  • 360 Spin for new experience  

  • Custom props for this booth

  • Newest & coolest trend on market

Special Effects

  • 4 in 1 floor lighting kit

  • 24 Wireless Uplights

  • Moving head lights  


Retro Booth

  • Closed or Open Layout

  • Animated, Talks, User Friendly

  • Prints in traditional strips


  • EV Powered Speakers & Subs

  • Bose Pro 8

  • Cordless setups in needed

Zoom/ Conferences

  • Zoom Expert Set-Up

  • Projectors, Pop-Up Screens, Cords, TVs

  • Any size, small or large, we got it

Movie Theater Package

  • 20 ft Wide Inflatable Screen

  • Projector, stand, speakers 
  • Fun for all sorts of events


Audio Guest Book

  •  Records messages from guests

  • Stylish Phone

  • Custom 'Phone Rooms/ Booths'

Gobo Projector

  • Custom Design

  • Project on wall or dancefloor

  • Creates elegance for weddings

Fog Machines

  • Cloud Effect 
  • Geysers Effect 
  • CO2 Gun

Check out our Lawn Games!!

Click the picture to pull up the new window!

We Have Our Own Dance Floor!

A dance floor is the most common flooring used under tents. We can provide parquet panels which are secured together and finished with a metal edging around the perimeter. 

The measurement of our dancefloor is 15'x15'. With our estimation, 125 people would be able to dance at once.

Pricing & Policy

We like to discuss our pricing & policies in person. Before we arrange to meet, we will speak briefly about your event and budget to come up with the proper price and package. All bookings and rentals will require a small deposit. Any inquires, please contact us. 

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